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Where has the summer gone? As I began to think about that question, I remembered that from April until now, I have been in transition….a good transition none the less, but a busy one.  The opening of RELM San Elijo could not have been better. What a great addition to the RELM family and for San Elijo. For those of you who have not been to “the hills” to really experience it, San Elijo is a thriving family community full of vibrant spirit and personality. The cute town square is evolving daily and there are exciting things happening.  I think that San Elijo was the perfect palce to open RELM #2. Who knows, maybe more RELM’s are in our future!

Fast forward two months to June and I was approached by the previous owner of PepperTree to take over the café, located one block up from RELM. While intentions were/are good, the café has been a transition of sorts.  Opening right after school was out took away the afternoon traffic and we just have not seen the morning commuters come in. But with a new school year starting in a few weeks, I am hopeful that business will return and get back into its normal groove.  Some of the San Elijo community has inquired as to why we are open such limited hours and not on nights, so I thought I would give you a little insight to our philosophy as it stands now. 

Hours: When we took over PepperTree, we decided to operate with the same day time hours that were already in place – 8AM – 2:30 Tuesday – Sunday. This would allow for us to stay closed on Monday (as we do at RELM) to do inventory, employee training and provide a day off for our staff as they do rotate between all three locations. We are open to the idea of changing our hours to reflect an earlier opening time, however café history has shown that customers do not start coming in until after 8AM.

Coffee/Food : Our coffee is ground fresh and brewed daily – and strait from Pannikan, a local favorite in Encinitas. Our menu items are all made to order with fresh and local ingredients. Our pastry items are brought in from a local bakery. Please, tell us what you would like to see! We will do our best to accommodate.

Kids: We love our little REN friends! We have stocked up on a few essential kid items and we are looking for more! If you have any toys that you would like to donate to the San Elijo Little REN community, please feel free to bring them in! Smaller toys can go on our bookshelf and the bigger ones can go out on the patio in the toy chest.

Family nights: We are thinking about hosting family nights – starting in September with food specials, kids activities and themed menus! Let us know what you think.

Okay, back to RELM for a bit. Our menu changes seasonally, so we will be having another change very soon. We try to keep the menu limited to items that are fresh, and in season. Have a favorite that you would like to see come back on the menu, or have a new idea that we could try? We are always looking for suggestions. Our beer/wine picks change as well. If you are like me, you have your favorites that you never want to see go away.

We couldn’t do what we do without YOU. We love hearing from our RELM’ers and seeing your thoughts on our facebook page – keep up the good work! If you haven’t already, please help us grow our facebook fan base by “liking” us and telling your friends.

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Relm SAN ELIJO's Very First Customer!

Posted by Rene Fleming on April 13, 2012 12:36PM

Look at this guy! Isn't he great?!!! He looks like the happiest person EVER!

Does anyone know who he is? Because he's our VERY FIRST CUSTOMER at Relm SAN ELIJO and, well, we don't know his name. 

And we'd like to know because it is, after all, a historic moment. 

If you know his name, we'll give you a free taste for a penny.


Also, we're reaching out to the Relm Community to help a team member who is fairly new to the area find a place to rent in North County. So, if you know of anything, send the info our way at

Thanks so much! You're awesome. 

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