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SWIRL, Our New Wine Tasting Event at RELM

On Saturday we had our first SWIRL wine tasting! It wasn't your average try-a-few-featured-wines event.



There were several stations throughout RELM and each one was hosted by a wine representative who featured four to ten wines. That's fourty or more different bottles of wine to try! What better way to educate yourself on various varietals, regions & wineries and be able to try these gems all in one place? Each rep so generously gave of their time and expertise to help us learn more about each one. 

Here's Andrea Lesky from Casa Torelli Imports pouring NV Abbazia Asti (great for celebratory moments like SWIRL!):



Jeff Rose from Spring Board shared his enthusiasm for several wines including the 2010 Pey-Marin Reisling & the 2009 Robert Craig Affinity Napa Valley Cab:


Daniel Morando and Lindsey from Quintessenial Wines brought some wonderful wines, including the perfect, hot-summer-day New Age White from Argentina:



Wines from a local winery in Escondido, Orfila, inlcuded a lovely White Rhone Blend, the 2010 Estate Lotus, featured by Micheale Zazo:



Genevieve Edwards from Tutto Imports Food & WIne also brought marinated artichokes, olives, several cheeses, black truffle oil and black truffle honey to share and pair with her Italian wines.



Paris Diggers from Sika Wines poured several wines including one of our favorites, the 2009 Chardonnay, and John Parker and Marcos Mizzau from The Estates Group had an interesting line-up of wines from France, Italy, Argentina and California.

And, the brainchild coordinator behind SWIRL, Jesse Casanova, poured an intriguing mix of wines from Carr Winery, Falcor Winery and Maddalena Vineyard Brands:



Our RELM team members are so appreciated. They really helped a lot! Here's Taryn, smiling, of course:


And who else do we appreciate? All the other smiling, happy faces from the eclectic crowd who joined us for the day:



Thank you to everyone who participated! We think there will be more SWIRL-ing our future, so keep an eye out.